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Investment in leadership training is a team effort. For a leader to succeed, many people must become involved. Your employee has indicated interest in the Multicultural Leadership Program (MCLP), thus committing themselves to the program agenda. As their employer, your commitment is important as well. Participants in MCLP must attend all learning events. This might result in a small amount of time away from the office. Your commitment and support is a major factor in a participant’s successful completion of this program.
Yes, I understand all MCLP participants must attend two learning events per month: one Thursday evening and one full Saturday for the duration of the eight-month program. Only one Friday learning event is scheduled. In addition, they will be working on a community project that will take time to complete.
Yes, they have my support to participate in the Multicultural Leadership Program.
They will be reimbursed program fees upon successful completion of the program:
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For a participant to develop fully as a leader with the Multicultural Leadership Program takes a team effort. You, as reference for an applicant to the next MCLP class, have completed this form to the best of your ability. If the applicant is accepted into the program, you will become part of this individual’s circle of support. Although only the participant is allowed to attend MCLP learning events, the information can be shared with you by the participant. I understand this and pledge my cooperation and support.