Class of 2021 MCLP Participant Nomination Form

The mission of MCLP is to develop leaders to engage the power of diverse perspectives to improve our world.

Applicants must be 21 or older and live or work in McLean County. The ideal candidate has a passion to improve their leadership skills and an openness to working with others with diverse perspectives. Candidates should either be in a current leadership role, or show a high potential for leadership.

Click here for more information on applications and recruitment receptions.  

If you have questions, please contact us:

Julie Emig, Executive Director at, 309-556-3651


Nominee Information (Please tell us about the person you are nominating for MCLP.)

Please complete the phone and/or email information for your nominee. If neither are available, please call 309-556-3589 with nominee information or forward the recruitment reception link directly to your nominee.

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Superior = outstanding excellence of this nominee. Excellent = a strong rating. Good, Fair, and Not Acceptable (NA) are self-explanatory.

Esteem in which he/she is held professionally
Demonstrated leadership
Currently handles leadership demands
Ability to work with others
Ability to communicate
Passion for becoming a better leader
Overall leadership potential
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We appreciate your nomination of a potential MCLP candidate. Your nominee will be asked to submit an online application by May 31 and then complete an in-person interview in order to be considered. After the interviews, 24 - 26 participants will be selected for MCLP which runs July, 2020 – March, 2021. Although we cannot guarantee the nominee will be selected this year, we will give them full consideration.