Participant Agreement

MCLP Commitment As a participant of the Multicultural Leadership Program (MCLP), I fully support the MCLP mission* and vision**. I understand it is my responsibility to be actively engaged in all aspects of the program. I am committed to my own personal and professional development as a leader, and I will use the skills and knowledge I acquire to add value to my home, work and community life. I am also committed to investing my time and effort in this program.  Specifically,

  1. I understand participants are expected to attend 100% of classroom or virtual instruction and to participate fully in the activities each day. I will attend each bi-weekly learning event prepared and on time for the duration of the program. If I must miss a session or a whole day’s learning event due to unforeseen circumstances, I will abide by the MCLP absentee guidelines. 
  2. I understand, in addition to classroom instruction and activities, I am required to read course materials on my own time and will be prepared for discussions and writing exercises as assigned.
  3. I understand that unless otherwise stated, the dress code is business casual. (No jeans, shorts or athletic wear)
  4. I understand the use of electronic devices will be limited to breaks only.
  5. I understand I will be assigned to a mentor.  I am committed to meeting/speaking with my mentor at least monthly for the duration of the program to discuss my goals, progress and any advice/assistance the mentor might share.
  6. I am committed to meeting with my community project team on my own time and to contributing to the success of the project.
  7. I understand that my attendance is required at the following learning events:
    1. MCLP updated launch date: Thursday, August 20th, 2020: 4:30-8:30 pm (most likely virtual)
    2. Final Project Presentations - Saturday March 6, 2021: 8:00 am-4:00 pm.
    3. Class Graduation Celebration – Saturday evening April 17, 2021: 6:00-9:00pm.
  8. I have read and agree to the MCLP absentee guidelines which apply to the whole program.
  9. In signing this document, I understand the time commitment required as a participant in this program and I am willing and able to make this commitment.

Please give careful and respectful consideration to the time commitment required.  Failure to fully participate may impact your ability to graduate from the program.  We ask for 100% participation because of the trajectory of our curriculum, the inability to replicate our interactive sessions, and the value of building a learning community.  We certainly understand that life events intercede; however, be mindful of the time commitment.  Use this opportunity as a gift to your personal and professional growth.  

*MCLP's Mission:  We develop leaders to engage the power of diverse perspectives to improve our world.

**MCLP's Vision:  Leadership that fosters a thriving, inclusive world. 

-- revised May 2020